The case for a regional fast and frequent service map.

Despite, more and more people digitalizing, transit agencies are not good at creating the bridge between the digital world and the real world. This leaves a lot to be desired in signage, where it does not cater to the specific needs in the digital age, and it does not build on the shortcomings of digital technology. One area that signage could be massively improved is the network map. Transit maps are often good at conveying network information; however, they are not good at distinguishing which portion of their network is useful most of the time (i.e. frequent or fast lines), to the majority of users. This leaves a large gap between a simple rail diagram and the complex bus network map with hundreds of lines. What if there could be a map that shows at a regional level, all the frequent buses, along with a simple graphic in the legend that displays frequency…

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Pie-IX busway: From hope to deception

The Pie-IX integrated bus rapid transit (BRT) project had been in the works for more than a decade. It had finally opened in 2022, but it’s sole success is the speed, but the user experience not so much. This articles dives deep into the history of the project, it’s ups and downs. It describes many issues (and fixes!) that should be considered on this transit corridor and many others in the planning phase.

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