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A transportation blog.

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An aspiring transportation engineer's blog that discusses about transportation challenges and solutions.


Making better signage for when things go haywire.



A new publication Public health and urban planning go hand in hand. Why aren't we doing more to promote cycling? is available.

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The case for a regional fast and frequent service map.

Despite, more and more people digitalizing, transit agencies are not good at creating the bridge between the digital world and the real world. This leaves a lot to be desired in signage, where it does not cater to the specific needs in the digital age, and it does not build on the shortcomings of digital technology. One area that signage could be massively improved is the network map. Transit maps are often good at conveying network information; however, they are not good at distinguishing which portion of their network is useful most of the time (i.e. frequent or fast lines), to the majority of users. This leaves a large gap between a simple rail diagram and the complex bus network map with hundreds of lines. What if there could be a map that shows at a regional level, all the frequent buses, along with a simple graphic in the legend that displays frequency...

How Quebec’s continual investment in cars and divestment of public transport is putting Quebec’s economy behind.

We know that public transport is the best possible investment that a government could do to promote it's economy. Therefore, it is confusing why Quebec's provincial government is hesitant on providing proper funding to help it's operations. In this article, I look deeper inside the numbers that prove that continuing to invest money inside our deficient road system is actually worse for Quebec's economy than investing the same amount inside public transportation.

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I started this blog in August 2023, as an aspiring transportation planner, to discuss about transportation issues that are primarily focused about Montreal and in North America.

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A transportation blog.


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